May 20, 2010


Ahh, the life of a gypsy! Always on the move! We're still getting boxes packed up (fun fun!) and I'm quickly running out of distractions. My mask making supplies? Packed. My sewing items? Packed. My books, DVDs, and art supplies? Packed. The only things I have for entertainment are a handful of novels, a sparse selection of knitting supplies, and this lovely laptop, complete with Internet access. Guess which activity I've been opting for most? I've been updating my livejournal a lot (yes, it would seem I'm collecting different forms of journaling. Moving on), but I spend most of my time on Facebook (of course) or Etsy.

Just as a side note, Etsy is the neatest thing since the creation of arts and crafts. It rivals Facebook as a boredom breaker because there is always so much to look at! That, and you can get some pretty amazing inspiration for projects of your own, especially if the object you're looking at is extremely overpriced.
Back to business.

I finished the black shirt from the last post, and will post pictures as soon as we have moved and I unpack the camera. *Wry Grin*

The latest good read is a book I chanced to pick up at the library entitled Love Among the Walnuts by Jean Ferris. I was expecting something very modern day, poorly written, and disappointing like most everything produced for teens these days, but this book is actually good. The plot line is cute, the characters diverse, and, best of all, the entire thing is one big hyperbole. (For you non-literature minded people, this fancy word, pronounced hi-PER-bo-lee, means "ironic overstatement" and is used to add dramatic, or satiric, effect.) It's melodramatic, and silly, and it's all on purpose. I adore the hyperbole, and I use it a lot when telling stories, fact or fiction, so this book has gained big points that way. This goes to prove two things: never judge a book by it's cover or publication date, and, as always, the library is the best place to spend your time if you want to discover new things.
I will be back again later to update you on this Missfit Gypsy's adventures in (not-even-close-to) Wonderland. Keep reading! :)

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