May 28, 2010

'Twas The Night Before Moving...

...and all through the house, not a thing was unboxed- minus computer and mouse.
We are moving tomorrow...finally!!!
Everything is in a box- clothes, toys, knitting needles, art supplies, lamps, and all that lovely bubblewrap. Tomorrow I shall set out for work from one house...and come home to a new one.
As it follows, I took extra precautions to do all my favorite things as I took my old route home for the last time. I waltzed a bit on the street, swung on the swingset for a handful of minutes, fondly petted the neighborhood cats, and I splashed in all of the choice puddles. Considering the fact that there will be all of the above (and then some) in the new neighborhood, it wasn't too sad a parting.

Tomorrow will be relatively stress (HA!) free. Memorial Weekend is usually slow at the tea shop, and we only have 28 reservations- we also aren't serving the buffet (for probably the first time in tea shop Saturday history). I dearly hope to be home in time to help the entire church as they help us move, but this is more for the sake of a chance to hang out with my friends and show them my new digs, and different routes to sneak me out at night by.

I'm now off to help take apart my bed frame. I get to sleep with my matress on the floor. Am I too childish in that I find this fun and exciting? :D

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