May 25, 2010

True Happiness Is Drinking A Coke And Not Caring If It's Diet Or Regular

I thought I'd join the crowd for one minute and post something about the ever-popular subject in today's culture: weight, weight loss, and dieting. (That's more like three subjects. Hmmm...)

In today's culture we have a great many paradoxes, the greatest of which is body weight and appearance. We continually glorify the perfect shape in women- the sculpted hips, the tiny waist, long, tan legs, acne-free skin, and glossy hair- and the benefits of good health. It's on every television, in every magazine, and shouted about by the most popular singers (Yes, I mean you, miss "Shawty on the dance floor"). However, what was once pursued throughout history is now relentlessly obsessed over; women used to wear corsets for that perfect shape, and we like to think that we've risen above such self-depreciating attempts at perfection. We are so blind to our own actions. What does Oprah continually talk about? What are the most popular books on the market teaching? Why are all teenage girls afraid to step outside without makeup on, think that anything outside of a size four is fat?

Let me be as emphatic as possible on this subject.

First of all, the way you ought to look isn't about what size you wear. Did you know that for most girls it's unhealthy to be under a size four (if pant size is the yardstick we're going to use for applicable measurements here)?

There's a term that doctors and know-it-all people like me like to use. It's called BMI or Body Mass Index. Click on that link and it will lead you to a reliable BMI calculator. The truth is that all bodies are made differently, and that there is a healthy way to carry weight. Some people need to weigh more to be healthy, some people need to weigh less. It's as unique as you are. It's not about a stereotyped pant size, or, really, how "fat" you look (because according to today's standards, no normal person is ever going to be skinny), it's about what's healthy.

Second is the big makeup scam.

The reason most people have acne problems is because a) they wear tons of foundation, powder, and other face goop that they don't clean off properly and b) they don't take care of their face. You can wear a little bit of foundation, I'm definitely not going on a rant against makeup, it's just highly advisable to wash it off and then moisturize. Makeup shouldn't be a second skin or a tattoo. It should be used to enhance what you've already got. Don't cover yourself up. I myself wear makeup, just not every day, and not in the same way everyone else is. People wear crazy makeup to try and gain attention, but what I've found is that more people note your appearance, think you're way stranger, more unique, whatever it is your shooting for, when you're wearing absolutely no makeup whatsoever. That, and it shows you've got at least a tiny increment of self esteem to your being.

What makes this a paradox? It's simple. If everyone is going to endorse being skinny and healthy, and natural, then why are there so many fast food joints, and junk food, and pills to take to lose weight, and cover up, and a long list of other stupid things that I can't think of right now? Why? It's like saying "Save the cows!!!" as you pig out on a giant steak-a contradiction.

Phew. Let me climb off my soap box for one second and say this- there are a lot of things you could be doing, obsessing over how you look and weigh is not worth wasting a lifetime over. I know that when I get to heaven and God asks me why he should let me in, I'm not going to say "because I was a social butterfly who did good works administering makeup for Mary Kay and never wore anything but a size two", it'll be because I accepted him as my Lord and Savior and lived for him, not the bathroom scale, magazine articles, and ads.

There now...have I thoroughly stepped on everyone's toes?

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