May 11, 2010

An (Ab)normal Day In the Life of A Me.

I'm not usually given over much to too much Internet use, but I have a new laptop, and a mother who finally realized that I'm seventeen, and thus old enough to be trusted just a little. This has changed the general outlook of the way I waste my time.
Let's start with the fact that I'm supposed to be home schooled, but because we are moving, my mom called the education crusade off. When people are home schooled they are either really smart and diligent about their work, or lazy children with no sense and no grades. I do not fit into either of these categories. I usually finish my school mid-morning, and then have the rest of the day to fritter away in whatever way I see fit (as long as I keep the more strange of my activities from discovery by mom). My life is dictated by emotion (Watch out world!)
For instance, if I'm feeling bold I alter my clothes. Now, depending on how bold I feel, the altered clothing can be anywhere from some size tailoring to a new strange wardrobe. I still remember the day I discovered that you don't have to wear the clothes that they sell, the way they sell them. I took a turn that day and the way I dress will never be the same. Today, I played with some shirt sleeves.

I didn't end up doing too much, I just chopped it to 3/4 length and ruched the sleeves a bit as follows.

I'm planning on changing the neckline tomorrow. *Evil Grin*
I always end up walking at least two miles, whether I intend to or not. I live in a large subdivision that I call "The Grid" because it's encased in by four main streets. The Grid is about a mile to a mile and a half wide, so I end up doing a decent bit of wandering. My favorite haunt is this old swing set. I'll walk up, swing for five or ten minutes, and then walk away. I never love the world so well as when I'm on a swing set. I feel like a bird who flies without limits (until I reach the edge of the atmosphere, then I run out of options).
Right now, I'm sitting in the Library Coffee House, or LC. I mean it seriously when I say this place is just about the neatest thing since the invention of tea. I can trace all of my greatest inspirations, pictures, drawings, writings, back to this coffee shop. It's quaint, it's friendly, they play good music, and it's chock full of books. Seattle's collection of great cafes is incomplete without this gem. Do you want to achieve great things? Find yourself an independent coffee shop. It's the only answer.
The rest of my time is filled with my job (at the quaintest tea shop in Idaho, drawing, and helping around the house (The term "help" is extremely debatable/doubtful in this case).

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Christina said...

Does your mom ever read your blog missy? Haha :) I loved little coffee shops! They're the best thing in the world! That and walking :D 'Course water is pretty nifty too :)